Hi. I’m the owner and curator of this website.

Producing a blog that in some way touches into the charism of Julian’s mystical vision, drawing on the rich spiritual heritage embedded in this land – this is a dream that’s been with me for some years.

Having brought it out of the imaginal closet during the enforced pause of lockdown, I’ve been sitting on it now for too long! So here I am again, with blank pages to fill, half-written articles to complete, connections to be made, and a story to be told.

I hope and pray you may find in this weaving of words some good medicine for our ailing world.

Liz Day

My name is Liz and I’m in recovery. I’ve been officially in recovery since I was 17 and I’m now in my fifties. I’m in recovery from what Charles Eisenstein calls ‘the story of separation’. This has played out for me in many different (more or less creative!) ways. I’ve been lifted up, time and again, by a fiercely loyal and generously forgiving universe. At this point in my journey I know beyond doubt that this mercy, this love, will never let me go.

I’ve had some great roadside assistance along the way. This has taken the form of 12-step programmes and sponsors, and various earth communities and faith groups I’ve been part of, all of which have been a window for me into what Charles Eisenstein calls the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible. Through all this time prayer or, in other words, inner work in collaboration with the Divine, has been my bedrock, without which I doubt I would have been able to receive the grace that has come to me through these channels.

After more than two decades living in the fine city of Norwich I feel I have some native credentials – this place has given me roots, it has parented me in a way. I moved to Norwich from London in 2001 with the express intention of Becoming a Writer. I managed somehow to pull off a first class honors degree, and in the process I nourished my lifetime passion for literature and poetry.

In the midst of a personal crisis, the universe plopped me down on a path that opened up the mystical dimension of my Christian faith. The teachings of centering prayer and the writings of Julian of Norwich have been my close companions on this journey. I’ve been involved in, and sometimes led, various initiatives to help others access these riches, via the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre and through other channels too.

My lifelong quest has been around the question of how we can restore the lost circles of life, and this has led me to study, train and practice a number of collaborative modalities including Sociocracy 3.0, Dragon Dreaming, the Way of Council and more. I am a facilitator of Grief Tending in Community and the Work That Reconnects and a co-founder of Norfolk Grief Tending, having studied and trained with Joanna Macy and Sophy Banks. I am also a co-founder of The Gathering Gates.

I have undertaken various roles and projects in the not-for-profit sector – including campaigning on international debt, lobbying against nuclear power, coordinating a regional social welfare advice network and fundraising for a community farm. I am a not-too-bad campfire musician, a singer of chants, and a 5Rhythms dancer. I have been an on-off member of the church community of St Augustine’s for some years, sometimes as part of a lay ministry team, and semi-regularly contributing to worship with my guitar and djembe.

All too much to encapsulate in words, but you get the picture.

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